EIFS—Doing It Right®: Instructor-Led Course

The two-day, in-person course is taught by an experienced EIFS professional. Instructional sessions are followed by a two-hour exam period. Courses are offered several times a year, usually in the fall and winter, in various locations across the United States. Organizations can use the by-request option to schedule the course at a location and time of their choosing.

Program Overview

EIFS—Doing It Right® is a two-day education program leading to a national certificate in one of three categories:

The program is a voluntary, industry-led effort that recognizes individuals who have met established criteria for experience and education and achieved specified standards as measured by the EIFS examination.

The national credential earned by the individual—EIFS mechanic, industry professional or inspector—is not the EIFSmart Contractor seal. Each company must earn the EIFSmart Contractor seal.


Instruction covers the essential knowledge and techniques for correct EIFS installations and proper inspections. It is based on industry accepted standards and best practices. The focus and basis of the instruction are the class PB systems, both barrier and drainage, with an overview of class PI systems, direct applied exterior finish systems (DEFS) and acrylic finish over portland cement plaster (stucco). The program is geared to new commercial construction. The instruction does not include inspection of existing residential construction or forensic material.


  • Industry Standards and Specifications
  • Material Storage and Temporary Protection
  • Substrates and Efflorescence
  • EIFS with Drainage and Flashing
  • EPS Boards, Mesh, Base Coat and Finish Coat
  • Adhesive and Mechanical Attachment
  • Joints, Sealants and Repairs
  • Inspection: Philosophy, Scheduling & Methodology, Reports
  • Design Considerations


The program consists of two days of classroom instruction in a format that promotes interaction between the participants and instructor. Slides, video clips, graphic animation and real-life scenarios portray the range of material. The content is not product specific; referral to the manufacturer is advised as tasks and situations dictate.

A course manual is distributed on site. This is a narrative-style summary of the entire presentation and includes supplemental material. Participants are expected to study the manual in preparation for the exam.

The sample program agenda shows the usual daily schedule.


At the conclusion of the two-day program, a multiple-choice exam is given to objectively test the participants' knowledge considered necessary to properly apply and/or evaluate EIFS. Participants who successfully pass the exam will be awarded certification from AWCI stating that adequate knowledge was attained and demonstrated through testing. Certificate holders are then expected to comply with AWCI's Codes of Conduct.


Certificate holders will be listed on the National Certification Registry on AWCI's website and will receive a wallet card and wall certificate. In additiona, they will be able to use the logo associated with their category of certification on promotional materials, and they are authorized to use designations after their name to recognize their achievement and communicate it to others:

  • CEM is for Certified EIFS Mechanic
  • CEP is for Certified EIFS Industry Professional
  • CEI is for Certified EIFS Inspector


The EIFS credential is valid for a limited time and must be renewed every three years (EIFS Inspectors) or five years (EIFS Industry Professionals and Mechanics). Individuals have until December 31 of the year their certificate expires to complete the recertification process.