National Certificate for EIFS Mechanics

There are two options for mechanics to receive EIFS—Doing It Right® generic instruction on correct application techniques:


This format consists of a DVD and companion workbook, and is specifically geared for the mechanic and supervisor. The set is available in English and Spanish. The flexible format can be adjusted to the workplace environment and schedule. Testing for the certificate, in English or Spanish, is available at 250 locations around the country.

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Instructor-Led Program

Mechanics and supervisors may still attend the instructor-led course. The same information presented in the self-study format, and more, is covered within the two-day live program. The mechanic has the option to sit in on the additional design and inspection instruction presented during the course, although he will not be tested on this information.

More Details

The educational program in both formats will improve the understanding and knowledge of EIFS mechanics. It will teach them tried and true techniques or remind them of the right ways in order to reduce problems. Those who successfully complete the course will have a greater perspective and more pride and confidence in their work. As a result, the building owner gets an EIFS installation made with a trained work force, and the contracting company gains from an informed employee and an improved bottom line.

Target Participants

Mechanics, foremen and superintendents who already have skills and experience applying EIFS and who want to expand their knowledge.

Two Pre-Qualifications for Acceptance

Those who meet the following criteria may apply for the EIFS Mechanics' category:

  1. Minimum of one year of application experience installing EIFS in the field, OR completion of the EIFS instruction portion of a qualified plastering apprenticeship program.
  2. Ability to read and understand English at a sixth-grade level. (It is preferred that participants also have the ability to read blueprints.)
  • Five-year certificate upon passing the exam.
  • Improved application quality.
  • Fewer callbacks.
  • Improved EIFS insurance negotiations.
  • Increase the employers' competitive edge.
  • Learn what doesn't work and the negative consequences.
  • Manage risk by reducing exposure and liability.
  • Ensure consistency of standards in job performance.
  • Employer may be eligible for the EIFSmart Contractor Seal