EIFS—Doing It Right®: Self-Study Course

Program Overview and Format

General Information

The EIFS—Doing It Right® program is based on industry-accepted best practices and standards, primarily ASTM C1397. The instruction is generic and not manufacturer or product specific. This program is not intended to replace physical on-the-job training or wet wall instruction. The self-study instruction:

  • Is available in English or Spanish.
  • Provides a convenient and economical way to educate your work force on the correct application techniques of Class PB EIFS.
  • Prepares the applicator to become an AWCI Certified EIFS Mechanic (CEM).
  • Also serves as a training tool (without the certificate) for anyone wanting general information about EIFS installations.

Mechanics may become AWCI certified by attending the instructor-led course or by using the self-study format. The mechanics certificate is the only category offered using the self-study format. EIFS inspectors and industry professionals may become certified only by attending an instructor-led format. There are pre-qualifications that must be met to be eligible to take any of the exams.


The self-study format consists of a DVD and companion workbook, and is available in English and Spanish. The DVD includes video clips of on-the-job procedures. The workbook includes practice quizzes at the end of each chapter to reinforce the information provided.