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Wednesday, Oct. 4 — 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Retaining the Right People and Building Your Talent Pool for Future Growth

Speaker: Edward K. Rowell, FMI Corporation

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Retaining the Right People

The goal of most organizations is to have a robust workforce that supports the right people in the right positions and a set of systems and culture that keeps them excited to be there. However, the current reality for the construction industry is that there is not only an insufficient quantity of craft workers, supervisors, managers and staff for available positions, but also that the industry may not be appealing enough to attract and retain the younger millennials or the upcoming Generation Z.

Building Your Talent Pool for Future Growth

During the past few years, a focus on the need to invest in the development of our people has been diverted. As contractors hire more people to support new work, we must recognize that some of our talented veterans left the industry and are not coming back. As we hire newer people with less experience, there is a significant need to train them, especially as baby boomers continue to retire at increasing rates.

Edward K. Rowell

Edward K. Rowell, senior consultant with FMI’s Center for Strategic Leadership, is deeply committed to building exceptional leaders for the engineering, construction and design industries. Rowell’s primary work is with the CSL’s consulting practice, serving clients in seasons of transition and management succession. As an executive coach, Rowell partners with leaders as they gain insight, learn new practices, change behaviors and increase effectiveness and satisfaction in all facets of life.

Rowell’s affinity for developing leaders comes out of his own experience of almost 30 years in executive leadership roles in non-profit settings. He is deeply aware of the pressures and responsibilities that come with executive roles and is uniquely qualified to accompany top leaders through seasons of growth and struggle on their journey toward greater success.

Thursday, Oct. 5 — 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Recession-Proofing Your Company

Speaker: Brian A. Moore, FMI Corporation

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The construction industry continues on its gradual upward journey with most economists continuing to forecast modest growth for the next year or so. While not expecting a major downturn, we all anticipate a correction is due at some point. Although the painful memories of the industry’s severe downturn have receded over time, it’s important to consider what was learned during the last construction industry downturn. FMI’s presentation and upcoming Foundation white paper provide some thoughts about what we learned:

  • Financial Considerations (managing working capital, cash flow, credit and collections, retention, job/project pricing)
  • Business Development Considerations (effective project selection, customer selection, completed project assessments)
  • Field Operating Considerations (staffing decisions, productivity enhancement, effective job planning, change orders)
  • Supplier and Professional Adviser Considerations (banking/bonding/insurance preparations, vendor relationships, other advisers)
  • Overhead Control Considerations (early reductions, nonessential cost reductions, cost deferrals, cost control systems)
Brian K. Moore

Brian K. Moore is a principal and strategy practice leader with FMI. Moore focuses on consulting with contractors on various strategic, organizational and operational issues. The focus of his work is the identification of future construction trends, market conditions and competitive issues that impact strategic decisions.

Moore’s clients count on him as a thought leader and trusted adviser as they plan the future of their business. Often this involves combining in-depth market and company analysis with judgment and experience to chart the organization’s future. He works with clients to help them develop the organizational capabilities that match their chosen strategy so they can achieve desired results.

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