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Sustainable Acoustical Wall System

From Acoustical Surfaces, Inc.
Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. now offers a sustainable acoustical wall system. The system uses three core products: Wallmate®, Echo Eliminator™ and Terratex fabrics by Guildford of Maine®.

Wallmate’s unique, user friendly, hinged track system allows almost anyone to install a professional looking, high tension, stretchable fabric acoustical wall system. Panel sizes are only limited by fabric availability.

Echo Eliminator is a high performance acoustical material made from recycled cotton, is 100% recyclable and can contribute to LEED credits. It contains no formaldehyde, no VOCs and will not irritate skin. It is class A fire rated, mold and mildew resistant, impact resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to install. It has a lower price point and outperforms many other acoustical products with an NCR rating up to 1.15.

Terratex commercial fabrics are made from 100% recycled polyester (largely post-consumer plastic soda bottles) or renewable materials (such as PLA, which is derived from corn).