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Rectangular Vacuum Cups

From Anver Corporation
A new line of rectangular vacuum cups that are designed for handling high capacity loads with inadequate surface areas for gripping has been introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

Anver Rectangular Vacuum Cups for handling narrow loads feature NBR rubber bonded onto a machined aluminum hub and include an internal safety seal for a sure grip. Designed for long, narrow, heavy loads that cannot be lifted using conventional cups, they are rated at up to 550 lb. horizontal each.

Ideally suited for lifting I-beams, girders, reinforced boards and architectural panels, Anver Rectangular Vacuum Cups are offered in 5 sizes ranging from 4” to 7” wide by 11” to 20” long, and each include pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes and a vacuum port.

Anver Rectangular Vacuum Cups are priced from $ 49.95 up, depending on size. Pricing is available upon request.