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Work Wipes

GREAT STUFF™ Work Wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean up the inevitable messes that happen when remodeling or maintaining a home. Because the wipes are specially formulated and backed by Dow, professional contractors and DIY users alike can trust that many sticky, tough drips, spills or misapplications can be removed with ease.

Thanks to the dual-sided construction (smooth on one side and textured on the other), each pre-soaked 7” X 11” wipe works on a variety of surfaces and products, including uncured GREAT STUFF™ Insulating Foam Sealants, paint (oil- and latex-based), uncured caulk, uncured adhesives, uncured sealants, oil and grease, epoxy filler and grout, grime, tar, ink and permanent markers, and stain.

GREAT STUFF™ Work Wipes safely cleans most tools, hard surfaces and hands with no harsh solvents. As soon as the inevitable spill happens, users can grab a citrus-scented wipe from the resealable pack.