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A Faster Way to a Level Five Finish

From Continental Building Products

Comprising Continental Building Products’ factory-applied Level 5 Bison Board drywall and complementary joint compound, the Rapid Deco Level 5 System helps ensure a level five finish in less time than traditional methods. No other North American manufacturer currently produces a similar solution.

Because Rapid Deco requires very little time to refine the surface with joint compound after installation, it offers significant savings in comparison to level five projects for which the skim coat is hand- or spray-applied in the field. “You’re going to have a little more labor on the hanging side because Rapid Deco is a little bit heavier, but the product takes away the time associated with taping and skim coating,” says Jeff Dreisewerd of Missouri-based TJ Wies Contracting, Inc., who recently installed Rapid Deco at the Crossings at Northwest Plaza project in St. Ann, Missouri. “That can also be an advantage from a project’s outset: when you’re submitting a competitive bid, especially if other people are figuring on hand application, then Rapid Deco can create a big difference.”
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