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Estimators today face complex and ever changing challenges to getting the most accurate and profitable bid out the door. Twenty-five years ago the tools, methodology, workflow, and processes for performing takeoff and assembling a bid was fairly standard across companies. The dynamic shift in technology, how drawings and plans are delivered, ease of use creating estimates with digital tools, managing complex Excel templates, and an explosion of competing styles has led to companies having their own secret sauce.

Is there a best practice for creating an estimate? What about the workflow of how an estimate is priced and analyzed? Are there techniques your competition uses to make their win rate and profitability higher? Each company has their own special way of bidding and we’ve gathered tips, tools, techniques, and templates to create the first ever Estimator’s Toolkit. This toolkit provides the tools needed to navigate the headwinds of today’s market.

Get your Estimator’s Toolkit today.

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