September 2005

EIFS—Doing It Right Video Program Is Being Updated
Following the successful roll-out of the enhanced and updated EIFS two-day education seminar program last year, AWCI Education and Certification program staff and AWCI’s EIFS Curriculum and Examination Committee members are now working to upgrade the EIFS—Doing It Right video education program. The updated program is expected to debut this fall.

"We want to ensure the video education program keeps pace with changes in the EIFS industry. There will be new and expanded content on flashings, shapes and moldings, sealants and, of course, EIFS with drainage systems, in the revised program,” stated Nancy Roylance, AWCI’s director of education and certification programs.

The project involves filming new video footage, script additions and revisions, workbook editing and enhancement, and then making all those changes in the Spanish language version. The staff will hire professional translators to work with a panel of Spanish speaking EIFS contractors and foremen to improve the accessibility of the program to the Spanish speaking work force.

The new material will mean that the exam also will be revised. Updating the English and Spanish exams will finish off the project. For more information about the program, visit, or call Nancy Roylance at 703.538.1608.

Foundation’s 2005 Annual Drive Begins
The Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s annual fund-raising drive kicked off this month, and, to encourage donations, the Foundation’s fifth publication in the Research Series was sent free to each member of AWCI.

Personnel Descriptions for Wall and Ceiling Contractors covers, in both English and Spanish, the duties and responsibilities of various jobs in the wall and ceiling industry. Three sections are included: Trade Field Personnel, Supervisory Field Personnel and Office Personnel. Job descriptions are included for various levels of carpenters, ceiling tile installers, drywall finishers, EIFS mechanics, plasterer and stucco masons, accountants, estimators and marketing personnel, among others.

Publications such as this are made possible because of the monetary support from members.

Those who donate for the first time and give $250 will become a member of the Foundation Leadership Council. Those who contributed last year need only to increase their donation to the next level to be on the Leadership Council. Those on the Leadership Council are recognized on the Foundation’s letterhead as well as in various promotional materials, convention signage and other publications. (See the lists below.)

Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry 2005 Leadership Council
Aetna Construction, Inc.
Alley Drywall, Inc.
B & B Interior Systems, Inc.
Bayside Interiors Inc.
Builders Sales & Service
Capital Interior Contractors, Inc.
Cassidy Brothers, Inc.
C-Sharpe Co., Inc.
Denver Drywall Company
Dietrich Metal Framing
Direct Interiors, Inc.
Ekberg Enterprises, Inc.
Gierahn Drywall, Inc.
Gouras Walls & Ceilings
Grayhawk, LLC
Hacker Industries, Inc.
Integrated Interiors, Inc.
J & B Acoustical, Inc.
John H. Hampshire, Inc.
L.D. Peters & Sons, Inc.
M A & O Construction Services, Inc.
Mader Construction Co., Inc.
Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. – Corporate
McDaniel, Inc.
MCI Paint & Drywall
Niles Building Products Co.
Poellinger, Inc.
Ragland Corporation
Sharpe Interior Systems
Star Sales & Distributing Corp.
STO Corp.
T.J. Wies Contracting, Inc.
The Wakefield Corporation
Virginia Stucco Corporation
WestStar Drywall, Inc.

2005 Annual Drive Contributors
Acordia Southeast
Allstate Plastering, Inc.
Architectural Contractors Trade Association
Bayside Interiors, Inc.
Baker Drywall Co., Inc.
Joe Baker
Joe Banks Drywall & Acoustics, Inc.
Bradco International Ltd.
Bradshaw & Associates Inc.
Brady Company/Central California, Inc.
CAGE Drywall, Inc.
Carroll Ventures, Inc.
Central Valley Builders Supply
Clinch-On Cornerbead
Collins Construction
Commercial Design, Inc.
Conrad Consulting, Inc.
Conrad, Inc. dba Stitser Drywall
Cord Contracting Co., Inc.
F. L. Crane & Sons, Inc.
D.J.’s Drywall, Inc.
Delta Drywall, Inc.
Ekberg Enterprises, Inc.
Gibson-Lewis , LLC
Granite Industries, Inc.
Grayhawk, LLC
Ingram Enterprises Inc.
Jade, Inc.
Karsyn Construction, Inc.
Nathan Kimmel Co., LLC
Kirbyco Builders Inc.
Liddle Bros. Contractors, Inc.
Juan O. Limon & Sons, Inc.
Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos
Lotspeich Company Southeast, Inc.
James J. Martin, Inc.
Martin Plastering Contractors
McDaniel Inc.
B.J. McGlone & Co., Inc.
MCI Paint & Drywall
McNulty Bros. Company
Meiswinkel Co. (R.F.J., Inc.)
Mid-South Interiors & Exteriors, Inc.
National Interiors, Inc.
Niles Building Products, Co.
North Bay Drywall & Plastering, Inc.
Omega Drywall, Ltd.
Pacific Construction Systems
P.B.S. Plastering, Inc.
Partitions, Inc.
Peterson Stucco, Drywall & Plastering
Pillar Construction, Inc.
E.C. Provini Co., Inc.
Ragland Corp.
Randolph Wall Systems, Inc.
Richter System Gmbh & Co. KG
Rutherford, Inc.
Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Co.
San Francisco Gravel Company
Sharpe Interior Systems, Inc.
Raymond Shoemaker, Inc.
Simms Hardin Construction Co., Inc.
Slowikowski & Associates, Inc.
South Valley Drywall, Inc.
Southern Acoustics Inc.
STO Corp.
Suncoast Wall & Ceilings Systems
T.E.A.M. Panels Inc.
The Looking Glass Corporation
E.L. Thompson Associates, LLC
Triangle Plastering Systems
Virginia Stucco Corp.
WCCA of Metro St. Louis
George Weis Company
Westover Building Supply Co., Inc. (Amarok)
WestStar Drywall, Inc.
Winstone Wallboards, Ltd.
W.W. Plastering, Inc.

2005 New Annual Drive Donors
Allstate Plastering, Inc.
Bayside Interiors Inc.
Bradshaw & Associates Inc.
Collins Construction
Ekberg Enterprises, Inc.
Kirbyco Builders Inc.
Ingram Enterprises Inc.
Juna O. Limon & Sons, Inc.
Lotspeich Company Southwest, Inc.
McDaniel Inc.
MCI Paint & Drywall
Mid South
National Interiors Inc.
Niles Building Products, Co.
Rabland Corp
Sharpe Interior Systems
STO Corp.
Virginia Stucco Corp
George Weis Co.
WestStar Drywall, Inc.