November 2005

Weber Named to AWCI Executive Committee
Michael Weber, president of Island Acoustics LLC in Bohemia, N.Y., will join the AWCI Executive Committee as its secretary on July 1, 2006. A current member of the AWCI board of directors, Weber will work his way up through the chairs of the Executive Committee to become AWCI’s president on July 1, 2009.

Weber’s company has been an AWCI member since 1992. He is a second generation carpentry contractor with 32 years of construction experience. His company co-founded in 1969 by Robert Weber, his father.

In an acceptance speech to the board of directors, Weber promised more chapter input to the industry.

Weber is the current president of the local chapter of Wall-Ceiling & Carpentry Industries of New York, Inc. He was the 2004 Honorary Chairman for the Coalition on Child Abuse & Neglect, and still serves as a committee member for yearly fund-raising events.

Weber lives on Long Island with his wife and two children, and his hobbies include golf, boating, snowboarding and computers.

In addition to naming Weber to the executive committee, Gregg Brady, vice president of Brady Company/Central California, Inc. in Castroville, Calif., was named to the AWCI board of directors as a contractor at-large, and Ben Lester of Warner Tool in Minneapolis is a new supplier at-large on the board. Both will serve three-year terms beginning July 1, 2006.

Much Accomplished at Fall Conference
Industry leaders went to San Francisco Sept. 27–Oct. 1 for AWCI’s Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Week. The photos are scattered throughout the next few pages, and highlights from some of the committee meetings that took place at the AWCI Industry Executives’ Conference & Committee Week include the following:

The AWCI board of directors held an open discussion regarding the role of AWCI in helping AWCI members who were hard-hit by Hurricane Katrina. AWCI has 36 members in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, and AWCI headquarters was able to get in touch with approximately half of those members.

Mike Heering, AWCI’s vice president and a contractor based in Fulton, Miss., said his offices were up and running, but there was a lot of property damage in his region. In fact, "what once was a building is now just a clean slab,” he said. He noted that the main effort now is to get things closed in. If generators are available, they are used to run the air conditioning to help prevent mold and mildew.

Heering will be the point person when members in the affected areas ask for help. The fact that some of the members cannot be reached is not a major concern just yet, he said, because not only are phone lines down, but so are the towers that connect cell-phone users. In some instances, there simply is no way to contact some people in some areas.

The discussions covered things that AWCI can do now, such as help members track down all their employees, and in the long term, such as helping members by supplying materials to help them rebuild and providing a job bank for those who are looking for work.

The Gypsum Board Committee will make sure that AWCI stays abreast of the status of balanced fire protection requirements in the International Building Code. AWCI will offer its expertise and resources to make sure the AWCI point of view is heard in the code process.

The Lifetime Membership Committee is working on events that will celebrate the 20th anniversary of AWCI’s Lifetime Membership. Some of the ideas are an exclusive dinner and new, special badges for Lifetime Members.

The Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Materials Committee will secure the services of Underwriters Laboratories to provide certification for fireproofing contractors at AWCI and CISCA’s Intex Expo in Long Beach, Calif., in 2006.

The Supplier and Manufacturer Members Committee reviewd introductory discussions with the Hispanic Contractors Association of Georgia and supports that group’s plans to host Spanish language–facilitated EIFS video learning sessions.

The Education Committee discussed the education seminars that are provided at the annual convention and possible ways to improve the seminars so that they will appeal to a broader audience.

The Industry Awards Committee selected the winners of the 2006 Excellence in Construction Quality Awards and approved a new, special logo that will be given to contractors who win AWCI’s quality and/or safety awards.

The EIFS Curriculum and Examination Committee reviewed the updated video and workbook, both of which will be available next month.

The Continuing Study Committee reviewed the recommendations they provided to the AWCI Executive Committee. Those recommendations include expanding the Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry scholarship program to include "need-based” criteria; better marketing of the scholarship; using Foundation money to fund a construction education program in local colleges, a program specific to walls and ceilings and walls; and the creation of a position paper, especially for California, regarding EIFS versus masonry, spray fireproofing versus sprinklers, etc.

The Foundation’s executive committee held a retreat prior to the official start of the conference to discuss new initiatives. Following on the CSC’s recommendation, the Foundation will now more actively seek out colleges with accredited construction programs and ask them to include specialized ceiling and wall work to be offered as an elective. The committee members are also working to revamp the Final Night Gala at the convention. There will be an expanded silent auction followed by a live auction of only three items, along with some form of entertainment.