AWCI's 2006 Excellence in Construction Safety Award Recepient Ronsco, Inc. of New York, N.Y.

June 2006

The winner of AWCI’s 2006 Excellence in Construction Safety Award, Ronsco, Inc. of New York, N.Y., has achieved an outstanding level of safety.

Ronsco, Inc. credits its success to three corporate commitments. The first is to lead by example, with zero tolerance for unsafe practices. Upper management always wears required Personal Protective Equipment. They approach all employees on the job, acknowledging those who are working safely and disciplining those who are not.

The second commitment is a weekly "tool box talk” and follow-up. Each week, the company’s safety coordinator chooses a topic that applies to a current project, or a specific issue that requires safety precautions. Before payroll is distributed, the foreman hands out the week’s topic and reviews it with the crew. All attendees are required to sign off on the subject matter.

The last commitment this honoree makes is to ongoing safety training. In addition to Quarterly Foreman Safety Meetings, it mandates a bi-annual company-wide Safety Training Program, featuring guest speakers focusing on industry safety.

Since the implementation of its safety program, this company has experienced a whopping 80 percent decrease in reportable accidents. That accomplishment also resulted in an annual savings to the company of $250 million.