Sto Corp. Now Fully Embedded in Leading Specifications Software

March 2017

Sto Corp., Atlanta, announced Feb. 2 that the company is now partnered with the industry’s two principal specifications providers, ARCOM MasterSpec and BSD SpecLink-E, to promote Sto systems and products to architects, engineers and project managers. The partnerships will enable Sto to deliver reliable information about Sto systems and solutions to specifiers at the moment they need it.
The two vendors list a range of commercial, industrial and institutional products in their respective databases, which are then displayed during the design and specification process. For example, ARCOM MasterSpec’s “SpecAgent” is a companion tool docked next to the specifiers’ design screen that will provide specific contextual information about Sto solutions, thus avoiding the arduous, time-consuming task of tracking down and researching each product as they build their specifications.
Likewise, BSD’s SpecLink-E is an intelligent construction specification writing, management, and production system with built-in intelligence designed to help specifiers dramatically speed up editing tasks and reduce specification production time. SpecLink-E enables designers to accelerate their specification writing with unsurpassed accuracy and integrity, while simultaneously learning about solutions from companies like Sto Corp. during the spec-writing process.