Constructon Safety Award 2017: >1 Million Man-Hours

May 2017

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Award 2017

Category: More Than 1 Million Man-Hours in 2016

Winner: Precision Walls Inc.

Precision Walls Inc. offers three tips for a successful safety program: First is commitment from top management, second is a time investment, and third is understanding.

The company understands that bad communication can sink any safety program, so top management is just as involved as the workers actually putting in the work. To accomplish this, they advise setting measurable goals and establishing an initial bench mark. Also, develop a recognition structure that values workplace safety. All violators are disciplined—no exceptions. Finally, always make a commitment to yourself to model the desired behavior. Be the one to set an example.

Don’t be afraid to spend time on safety training, especially when you’re extremely busy. When we are busy, we make the most mistakes, but having a safe environment and future savings will be worth the effort.

A lack of understanding can limit the effectiveness of a workplace safety program, so education is the key. If everyone understands the value of the safety program, they’ll be more inclined to follow it.