Project Focus: Ceilings

Project: 1550 Wewatta Street, Denver, Colorado

January 2017

As part of its annual awards program, the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry recognizes the team efforts of its member contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who work on quality construction projects. For the 2017 program, AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award was upgraded to focus on the excellent work done by AWCI members in specific categories: ceilings, drywall, EIFS, plaster, small projects, steel framing and stucco.
The award winners will be announced this March during AWCI’s Convention in Las Vegas, but we will feature some of the nominations throughout the year on the pages of this magazine. This month we highlight the ceiling work done by Heartland Acoustics & Interiors in an office building on Wewatta Street in Denver’s popular Union Station neighborhood.

AWCI’s nomination form asks nominees to describe how materials were used creatively on the job and other difficulties faced during ceiling construction. Kyle Zentz, operations manager for Heartland Acoustics & Interiors, said, “While this project isn’t that large in the quantity of materials, it makes up for it with the complexity of the materials. The open office areas utilized a large format 4'x10' acoustical ceiling tile with a custom layout that incorporated the lighting and HVAC components into narrow channels between the large format ceiling panels. Conference rooms and lounges used a 2'x10' ceiling panel, and the café area received linear wood ceilings for a rich look and warm feel. The Training Room is laid out with a custom radial ceiling, and the boardroom included a custom Decoustics Claro circular ceiling cloud.”
“One of the more difficult challenges was installing all of the custom acoustical products. Weekly meetings with MEP and low-voltage contractors were essential for proper coordination of all ceiling mounted devices. The Decoustics Claro system had such a long lead time that materials had to be ordered before the drywall opening was complete. Once the Claro panels arrived, the finished opening was too large so field modifications were made to the drywall for final installation. The radial system at the training room was another area where our installers used field experience (and a lot of math) to build custom layouts.”

AWCI Member Manufacturers
Armstrong World Industries
CertainTeed Ceilings
Decoustics Limited

AWCI Member Suppliers
Façade Designs
Foundation Building Materials
REW Materials
Western Interior Supply

Burkett Design

General Contractor
Provident Construction

How Green?
seeking LEED® Gold certification for implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance

Ceiling Contractor Man-Hours
1,347 (103 weekdays)

Project Floor Area
42,240 sq. ft.

Ceiling Materials Used
17,325 sq. ft. acoustical ceiling
120 sq. ft. sound panels/baffles
315 sq. ft. ceiling clouds
1,245 sq. ft. custom radial acoustical ceiling
21,590 large format acoustical ceiling
1,765 linear wood ceiling