Architectural Glass

April 2017

Bendheim is expanding its collection of color-matched architectural glass with “Greenery,” the 2017 Pantone® Color of the Year. This marks the third year in a row the company demonstrates its advanced custom color capabilities by showcasing glass in the latest design-savvy palettes. The introduction allows architects and designers to incorporate the on-trend, nature-centric green hue into building interiors and exteriors through durable, maintenance-friendly architectural glass.
The vibrant “Greenery” is now available in several Bendheim glass varieties: from back-painted and colored laminated glass to artisanal mouth-blown glass.

Bendheim offers endless color possibilities in glass through multiple spectrometer-assisted color techniques, including various types of lamination, fritting and painting.

Back-painted glass is among the company’s most popular colored glass varieties. It is available in a range of surface finishes, including satin-smooth, anti-glare etch. The company’s environmentally friendly, in-house painting process produces 100% VOC-free back-painted glass with quick turnaround.

Bendheim has the ability to create Greenery—and hundreds of other shades—as part of its award-winning Glamir™ and Jelly Bean™ laminated glass collections. Using specialty low-iron glass and mirror, these collections allow the true specified colors to be produced. Further customization includes color gradients, proprietary patterns, textures and more.