Balcony Soffit Vent

August 2017

Stockton Products introduces the RBSV: Removable Balcony Soffit Vent, a removable soffit vent that permits access to the balcony soffit space for inspection at the balcony/wall transition and soffit space while also providing free air movement and ventilation.
The RBSV is easily installed and removed by fastening through the vent slots to the joists and is installed after the soffit has been plastered. The RBSV is available in clear anodized extruded aluminum with 1/8" x 1" vent slots in a standard 10' length. Reveal sizes are 2", 3" and 4", and the 1/2" return legs make it easy to cover the opening in the soffit.
Many cities are now requiring that the balcony soffit space at the soffit/wall transition be inspected on regular basis and the RBSV soffit vent makes this possible. In a retrofit condition, a saw cut slightly larger than the reveal size is all that is required. The molding is then installed over the top of the opening and fastened to the joists with screws. The 1/2" return legs give the molding an aesthetically pleasing finished look.