Light Steel Framing Connector for Panelized Construction

September 2017

The Steel Network, Inc. announces the release of the DriftTrak® Headed Stud. DriftTrak® Headed Stud saves the time and expense of installing DriftTrak after the slab has been poured by integrating it directly into the slab before it is poured. The headed studs come preinstalled to the DriftTrak and function as the attachment to the slab instead of welding to the pour stop or use of PAFs. Once concrete is poured, the DriftTrak is ready to support steel framing using any DriftTrak Bypass clip to accommodate vertical deflection and lateral drift requirements in floor slab bypass conditions.
As with standard DriftTrak, DriftTrak Headed Stud can also be used to better facilitate panel installation by attaching DrifTrak Bypass clips to the panel and sliding the panel onto the DriftTrack during installation. Vertical deflection and drift movement can be left intact or a locking angle can be installed to prevent lateral drift if not required.

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