Self-Drilling Screws

October 2017

Intercorp announces its Strong-Shield® coated, corrosion resistant, self-drilling screws. These proprietary Strong-Shield coated products are about 50% less expensive than stainless steel fasteners and offer more than 40X as much corrosion resistance as zinc.
These new coated fasteners will attach metal to metal in framing, roofing, siding, carports, patios, mezzanines and more. They also have a 4-layer protective barrier that prolongs the fastener’s life.
These Strong-Shield coated products are ideal for coastal and other regions where corrosion is a concern. They offer a high degree of corrosion resistance that includes exceeding 1,000 hours of salt spray resistance, 15 cycles of Kesternich for rust/acid rain protection and ACQ compatibility.

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