Tile Breaking Pliers

February 2017

Knipex Tools introduces its Tile Breaking Pliers, which are modeled after Knipex Tools’ popular Pliers Wrench with the addition of a heavy-duty plastic jaw.
With just 3 steps, the Tile Breaking Pliers are easy to use. To use the pliers, installers simply score the tile with a tile cutter, press the button to adjust the Tile Breaking Pliers to the proper tile thickness, position the pliers’ jaw over the scored end and squeeze the handles together to break the tile along the scored line.
The pliers are 10” in length and forged, oil-hardened and tempered from German chrome vanadium electric steel with non-slip, plastic-dipped handles. The parallel jaws evenly distribute force that is 10 times more powerful than a person’s hand strength. Other features include 17 adjustment positions, a replaceable plastic positioning jaw that tilts for a clean break line and damage protection for the tiles.