Are You Green?

Laura M. Porinchak / June 2017

If you haven’t yet jumped on the “green construction” bandwagon, you’d better join the parade. Going green has proven itself to be a way of protecting and preserving the environment as well as saving money. In addition to codes and standards set by industry groups, LEED v4 is the newest update to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’s certification program and rating system, and it’s sure to have an effect on ceiling and wall contractors and the way they do business.
In this issue, you’ll find an article that will help you understand how and why LEED v4 is something you need to know about. It begins on page 32.
As long as we’re talking “green,” flip over to page 38 to learn about an apartment complex with an exterior insulation and finish system applied by Robert A. Aird, Inc. This complex EIFS job, with its intense architectural features, was definitely a challenge, but Rob Aird figured out a way to make it work.
Finally, our last feature will help you clear your head and figure out new ways to find manpower. To some it’s a needle-in-a-haystack situation, trying to find qualified, skilled personnel, but our own Doug Bellamy offers tips based on his own experiences. This article, which is the first of two parts, begins on page 42.
This issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions also contains the last President’s Message from Mike Taylor. When AWCI begins its new fiscal year on July 1, AWCI’s new president, Ed Sellers from OCP Contractors in Ohio, will pick up the pen (mouse?) and begin providing his insight. I’d like to thank Mike, who helped us host one of our largest conventions in a while, for all his hard work as AWCI’s president. Ed has some big shoes to fill, but I know he can do it.
During his term as AWCI president, Ed will have the opportunity to host AWCI’s 100th anniversary convention in March 2018 in Orlando, Fla. We’ve got big plans for convention attendees, but readers of this magazine shouldn’t feel left out if they aren’t able to attend the convention. Starting next month, we will begin a series of articles that focus on the growth of AWCI and the wall and ceiling industry. Those articles will continue in each issue through the March 2018 issue. As always, we (I) have what I think are great ideas, but I can never be sure we’ve hit the mark until we hear from you. So let us know your thoughts on how AWCI can best celebrate its centennial, and how you would like to participate. You can reach me at
In the meantime, head on over to AWCI’s Facebook page at We have set up an “event” page for the upcoming convention, and all the convention news and information will be highlighted there. Keep an eye out for updates throughout the year, and don’t miss out on what is sure to be the biggest industry event in 2018! I hope to see you there.