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Doint It Right Education Programs

The AWCI Project Manager On-Demand Webinar Series is an online self-study version derived and edited from 35 webinars conducted during a nine-month period. The 35 webinars are further divided in to 63 lessons.

In order to complete this course, participants need to view each lesson, complete homework assignments and take and pass the tests at the end of each lesson. They must score at least an 80 percent on a lesson's exam before they can proceed to the next lesson. If the participant does not pass the lesson's test on the first try, the program allows four more attempts.

The webinars are primarily organized chronologically following the four phases of a job:
  1. Getting the Job
  2. Starting the Job
  3. Running the Job
  4. Closing the Job


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The best of class Project Managers have the same commitment to their projects as owners do to their companies. They are like business owners in that they all want the same things: satisfied customers, quality work, met schedule and achieved profits. The AWCI Project Manager Development Series takes your project managers to their next level. New Project Managers learn critical lessons to be effective while experienced project managers learn new leadership skills.
This comprehensive development series is built around four major areas:
  1. Core Project Manager Responsibilities
  2. Leadership/Organization/Communication Skills
  3. Project Manager Support Roles (Non-core)
  4. Special Topics
The goal of this program is to provide skills-based education that will enable your project managers along the continuum from project witness to project owner who feel a personalized stake in the project. The AWCI Project Manager Development Series gives them the tools to succeed.
At the end of each chronological sequence, there is a review examination to assess how well participants understand the material. The examination is online and the participant can use course materials.

Once a participant completes and passes all four examinations, he or she will receive a certificate of recognition from AWCI as having successfully taken and completed the AWCI Project Manager Development Series.
This AWCI Project Manager Development Series is for anyone who wants to learn and improve their project management skills. People in the wall and ceiling industry who would best benefit from this series are:
  • New project managers
  • Experienced project managers
  • Estimators
  • Supervisors
  • Superintendents
  • Suppliers and manufacturers who want to better understand their customers' business
This AWCI Project Manager Development Series is for anyone who wants to learn and improve their project management skills. People in the wall and ceiling industry who would best benefit from this series are:

Core Project Manager Responsibilities
  • Review Contract Documents/Scope/Submittals
  • Re-take Off Job/Establish Project Budget
  • Review Cost Discrepancies with Estimator
  • Building Materials Buyout
  • Prepare/Submit the Submittal Packets
  • Subcontracting Work Out to Others
  • Preparing Job Costing
  • Certifications
  • Pre-Construction Conference with GC
  • Understanding GC Scheduling Methods
  • Mapping Job Schedule to GC Schedule Managing
  • Change/Extra Work Orders
  • Ordering and Stocking Building Materials
  • Financial Billing & Tracking
  • Safety Management
  • Progress Meetings
  • Retainage Payment
  • Owner Documents and Inventory
  • Review Project Closeout
Leadership/Organization/Communication Skills
  • Defining the Role of the Project Manager
  • Project Manager's Key Elements of Success
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Practical Application of Planning Modules
  • Effective Communications
  • Building Relationships with Interpersonal Skills
  • Ethics
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • Managing Conflict
  • Customer Relations
  • Coaching - Accountability
  • Project Documents (Daily Record Keeping/Logs)
  • Day-to-Day Management
  • Crisis at the Job Site-Case Study
  • Practical Application of Controlling Modules
  • Project Closeout Checklist
  • Final Evaluation from GC
  • Post-Job Review and Procedures and Checklist
Project Manager Supported Tasks (Non-core)
  • Pre-bid Communications and Documentation
  • Estimating Basics
  • Contract Clauses
  • Industry Software
  • Bid Preparation and Strategy
  • Win/Loss Bid Review
  • Prepare Manpower Productivity Plan
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Select/Prepare Checklists
  • Quality Control Inspection Checklist
  • Job Specific Safety Plan
  • Claims Avoidance and Management
  • Demobilization
Special Topics Discussed
  • Prefabrication
  • BIM
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Lean Construction
  • Green Construction: Your Role and Your Risk
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Risk Management
  • Banking and Bonding Information Requirements
  • Getting Paid
  • Four Generations-One Workplace
  • Blending Family & Work
AWCI's Project Manager Development Series is taught by a combination of recognized industry consultants and experienced wall and ceiling construction contractors. These instructors are committed to bringing their wall and ceiling industry expertise to you.

Norb Slowikowski founded Slowikowski & Associates. He is a productivity consultant and professional trainer who works on all aspects of management development. He has the proven track record and experience to prove that productivity improvement can be a reality in any company. Since 1982, he has assisted contractors to improve productivity and maximize profitability. He has trained more than 8,000 Foremen, Superintendents and Project Managers in management and leadership skills from more than 150 construction companies in the USA and Canada.

Angelo M. Castelli is the Chief Operating Officer for On Center Software, Inc. Mr. Castelli's responsibilities include Direct Sales, Channel Partners, Marketing, and R&D. In addition, he serves on the firm's executive Vision Team, a think tank for the future of construction automation. He brings 10 years of commercial construction experience that includes chief estimator, project manager, and team management. His expertise includes metal framing, carpentry, drywall, insulation, acoustic ceilings, and millwork.

Michael Chambers is President of J&B Acoustical and celebrating his 42nd year in the construction industry. Michael is responsible for all banking, bonding and insurance coverage needs for the company. J&B Acoustical, with the third generation taking on increased responsibilities, was established in 1975. Mike is a Past President of AWCI and is a past recipient of AWCI's prestigious Pinnacle Award. Outside of the construction file he serves on a local bank board and is a trustee to several local charitable foundations.

Doug Dahmer is Vice President of Operations with Performance Contracting Inc. and started working in the industry in 1979 for his father's drywall business. He and his three brothers started Dahmer Brothers' Construction Co. in 1989. They developed the company to be one of the best in the Kansas City area which attracted PCI to acquire their family owned business in July of 2000. He currently oversees more than 800 employees throughout the Midwest and East Coast along with an International Partnership for the Interior Division of PCI. His 35 years of experience with Interiors has given him vast knowledge of all aspects of the industry, while continuing to work for one of the most innovative and progressive company's in the business.

Charles Mahaffey is the Director of Project Implementation at Precision Walls, Inc. operating in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee markets. Charles is responsible for establishing and maintaining the process workflow among estimating, purchasing, project management, operations and job cost accounting. Prior to Precision Walls, Charles has spent more than 30 years in the construction industry providing cost estimating and project management services.

Donald Gregory, Esq. is a Director and Chairman of the Construction Law practice area at Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter. He primarily represents subcontractors, suppliers, owners, contractors and others in the construction industry. Don has been involved in many of the most sizeable and important cases impacting the construction industry over the last 30 years, including disputes concerning bid challenges, claims, mechanic's liens and prompt payment. Don is active both as an advocate in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, and regularly serves as a mediator and arbitrator solving complex construction disputes. He has experience utilizing arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, partnering and summary jury trials.

Mark Nabity is the President/CEO of Grayhawk, LLC. Founded in 1967, Grayhawk is a commercial wall and ceiling contractor that also manufacturers/erects prefabricated exterior wall panels and cold-form steel roof trusses. Mark has been involved with the estimation, design, shop drawings, fabrication, erection and project management of hundreds of prefabricated exterior wall panel projects located in a twenty-two state area. Mark has previously served as President of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry and is a past recipient of AWCI's prestigious Pinnacle Award.

Michael Vickery is the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President at Baker Triangle. Michael has more than 35 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. He has been instrumental from the inception of Baker Triangle's early embracement of Visual Design & Construction, BIM, and continues to assist in their Integrated Project Delivery projects. He has also attended more than 24 continuing educational seminars focusing on this ever - changing culture shift within the commercial construction industry.

Steve Watkins is a Project Management Consultant and business advisor with Pivotal Consultants, Inc. For over 30 years, Steve was President and Owner of Aetna Construction, Inc., one of the largest and most prestigious drywall companies in South Florida. He currently works with growing companies in the construction industry, teaching skills such as job costing, budgeting and project management for increase profitability. Steve has previously served as President of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry and is a past recipient of AWCI's prestigious Pinnacle Award.

Keith Giddens is the president of Baker Triangle Prefab, Ltd. Giddens joined Baker Triangle in 1995 as a field employee and worked in their estimating and project management departments before filling the role of director of virtual design and construction at their corporate office in Dallas. He has worked on many projects that incorporated complex geometry including the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas and the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio.


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