For Better Drywall Corners, Trust CertainTeed®

Cover any angle with No Coat, AquaBead, Levelline

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December, 2016

From straightforward inside and outside corners to archways and bay windows, there's a CertainTeed drywall corner solution for every application – designed for labor-saving efficiency and outstanding results.

  • No-Coat is the ultimate in strength and performance. Features the proven durability of Structural Laminate (SLAM®) design – with tapered copolymer core that withstands severe impacts and requires less mud.
  • AquaBead is easy-to-apply corner that doesn’t bubble, dent or crack. Water-activated for fast installation, its perforations ensure superior adhesion and reliable bond. No nails or compound needed – just a spray bottle of water. That eliminates nail pops and edge cracking.
  • Levelline Flex corner trim has a built-in flexible hinge that adjusts to all angles; it eliminates pre-measuring and pre-creasing, saving valuable time. New Levelline Outside 90 installs just like paper faced metal, but it’s pliable and much lighter. Easier to carry, cut and coat. Won’t dent or rust. Perfect outside 90s, fast.

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