NewBrick by Dryvit – Game-Changing Innovation

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March, 2017

NewBrick™ offers the industry a way to build more cost and energy efficient traditional looking buildings from the ground up in a faster and simpler way. A game-changing innovation in exterior wall design that can be installed over nearly any solid substrate, including concrete and masonry, as well as over any Dryvit Outsulation® system, NewBrick by Dryvit is extremely lightweight – weighing only 2.45 lbs/sq. ft. before mortar.  That means it’s safer to work with on multi-story construction, easy to cut, and costs less to trasnsport.  NewBrick also eliminates the need for ties, pans, shelf angles and weight bearing footers, meaning you can build with less costly structural members. When installed over Outsulation® CI, the system includes air, water and vapor barriers, continuous insulation (CI), and a veneer that comes with a complete system warranty.  It’s a revolutionary new way to get the same traditional brick appearance – but now with so much more!  

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