Are Your Walls Fire-Rated?

Eliminate Guesswork with PABCO’s FLAME CURB

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August, 2017

Today’s real-estate shortages pose an interesting challenge for the modern builder and contractor. As land availability diminishes, the demand for rapid renovation and new multi-family and mixed use development is increased. This broad spectrum of property types have one thing in common: fire-resistance. As such, property owners have taken notice on these current building trends, placing extra value on extended fire-safety.   

It’s no surprise that builders and contractors trust PABCO Gypsum’s versatile FLAME CURB as the go-to product - for any project type. PABCO FLAME CURB bears the type X designation, making it ideal for commercial, multi-family or modern mixed-use projects. In a typical home, home owners will place added value on the extended safety and comfort provided by a gypsum panel that has stood up to the test of time. One panel, endless possibilities. 

With a name like FLAME CURB, what more can you ask for? 


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