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#AWCI Reconstructed: California Drywall Wins AWCI Quality Award

The recipient of AWCI's Excellence in Construction Quality Award in the Steel category is California Drywall for their work on the CPMC Van Ness Hospital in San Francisco.

"Numerous innovations resulted from the integrated project delivery approach, including adding an unbudgeted $4 million remote prefabrication plant. A 100 percent BIM-model take-off included stud quantities and itemized colored-coded take-off spool sheets for in-field fabrication. Preconstruction and modeling allowed for pre-cut and prefab stud packaging prior to construction. Prefab framing units included header assemblies, doors and windows, patient head-wall units, enhanced framing members, modular plumbing units, fire damper openings, etc. All prefab items were color-coordinated to be stocked in production zones on custom-made mobile carts. Model and IPD processes ensured coordination between trades for all items that penetrated, suspended-from, hung-above or nested within the wall and ceilings."

AWCI Project Team Members: L&W Supply, Hilti, Grabber Construction Products, USG, CEMCO Cold Formed Steel Framing, PeerAssist, AMES Taping Tools