AWCI Committees

AWCI features numerous standing and board-established committees that help determine the association’s strategic objectives. Each committee is comprised of volunteer leaders from within AWCI member companies whose efforts are critical to the success of the association, and an AWCI staff liaison who provides guidance and support.

For more information on each committee or how to become involved, contact the committee staff liaison listed below. Please note that some committees may have special requirements on composition and/or capacity.

Audit Committee
Michael Kowalski, Liaison

Budget Committee
Michael Kowalski, Liaison

Construction Technology Council & Related Committees

  • EIFS & Related Products Committee
  • Gypsum Board Committee
  • Interior & Exterior Steel Framing Committee
  • Lath and Plaster Committee
  • Special Products Committee

Robert Grupe, Liaison

Continuing Study Committee
Michael Stark, Liaison

Education Committee
Annemarie Selvitelli, Liaison

Emerging Leaders Committee
Annemarie Selvitelli, Liaison

Industry Awards Committee
Laura Porinchak, Liaison

Membership Marketing Committee
Annemarie Selvitelli, Liaison

Nominating Committee
Michael Stark, Liaison

Past Presidents Committee
Michael Stark, Liaison

Pinnacle Award Committee
Laura Porinchak, Liaison

Safety Directors Committee
Pete Chaney, Liaison

Supplier & Manufacturer Members Committee
Joe Fernandez, Liaison

Union Contractor Council & Related Committees

  • Carpenters Craft Committee
  • Finishers Craft Committee
  • Plasterers Craft Committee

John Nesse, Liaison