AWCI's Excellence Awards

Awards Year: 2020

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AWCI's Excellence in Construction Innovation Award - 2020

Introduced in 2013, AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Innovation Award recognizes products, services, materials, technologies or systems that improve the means and methods utilized in the wall and ceiling industry.

Winner: Marino\WARE & SCAFCO
Product: SoundGuard Silent Steel Framing System

AWCI's Excellence in Construction Quality Awards - 2020

AWCI's award recognizes excellence in construction quality in the face of complicated and challenging projects, and is awarded to a team of AWCI members.

Winning Project: State Historical Society of Missouri - Center for Missouri Studies, Columbia, MO
Contractor: T.J. Wies Contracting, Inc.
AWCI Team Members: Architectural Components Group, Inc. by Armstrong World Industries, Foundation Building Materials, Hilti, Inc., Negwer Materials, Inc., USG Corporation, Wildcat Materials, Inc. (A GMS Company)
Architect: Gould Evans Associates, LC
General Contractor: River City Construction, LLC


Winning Project: Loews Hotel & Convention Center, Kansas City, MO
Contractor: Performance Contracting, Inc.
AWCI Team Members: CertainTeed Gypsum, Foundation Building Materials, Grabber Construction Products, Hilti, Inc., National Gypsum, Radius Track Corporation, USG Corporation
Architect: Cooper Carry
General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction 


Winning Project: 333 Grand Street, Jersey City, NJ
Contractor: Simpson Plastering, LLC
AWCI Team Member: Sto Corp. 
Architect(s): Urban Architecture
General Contractor: Grand Street Construction 


Interior Plaster
Winning Project: Javier's at University Town Center, San Diego, CA
Contractor: Raymond-San Diego, Inc.
AWCI Team Members: ClarkDietrich, L&W Supply, USG Corporation, Westside Building Material San Diego (AD Gypsum Supply Division)
Architect: Robinson Hill Architecture
General Contractor: PKJ Construction


Small Projects
Winning Project: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Denver, CO
Contractor: South Valley Drywall, Inc.
AWCI Team Members: Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls, CEMCO, Grabber Construction Products, Hilti, Inc., L&W Supply, Radius Track Corporation
Architect: Integration Design Group
General Contractor: Fransen Pittman General Contractors


Steel Framing
Winning Project: CPMC Van Ness Hospital, San Francisco, CA
Contractor: California Drywall
AWCI Team Members: Ames Taping Tools, CEMCO, Grabber Construction Products, Hilti, Inc., L&W Supply, PeerAssist, USG Corporation
Architect: SmithGroup
General Contractor: Herrero-Boldt Construction


Winning Project: Cal Poly yakʔitʸutʸu Residential Community, San Luis Obispo, CA
Contractor: California Drywall
AWCI Team Members: CEMCO, Dryvit Systems, Inc., Grabber Construction Products, Hilti, Inc., L&W Supply, Westside Building Materials (AD Gypsum Supply Division)
Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
General Contractor: Webcor Builders


AWCI's Excellence in Construction Safety Awards - 2020

AWCI's safety award gives national recognition to members who manage an effective safety program in a given year.

Fewer than 250,000 Annual Hours Worked
Brady Company/Central California, Inc.
Castroville, CA

"Our company's safety and health program is not only designed to meet regulatory requirements, it was also designed with best practices in mind. With best practices in mind, it has allowed us to take a proactive approach in managing our safety and health which has made our program a successful one."

250,000 - 500,000 Annual Hours Worked
George M. Raymond Co.
Las Vegas, NV

"At The Raymond Group, analyzing safety data is extremely valuable to the cornerstone of our strategic pre-planning process. Customizing the data points collected, our team analyzes the information and uses it to help with Strategic Planning to determine Leading & Lagging indicators relative to health and safety for all Raymond projects and field staff. Having this information and deploying it properly reduces the potential for negative trends like increased workers' compensation claims which, as a result, negatively increases the company’s Experience Modification Rate. All of this information is communicated out to our Executive and senior management staff monthly so that change, if necessary, can be implemented
from the top down. This method has proven effective for the last five years, and we are excited for the future as we relentlessly strive for continuous improvement."

500,000 - 1 Million Annual Hours Worked
E&K of Omaha
Omaha, NE

"We have a special designation known as the "Safety Wolf Pack." The members of this designation are comprised of field and staff which go above and beyond our safety standards, they are nominated and elected in by members who have already achieved the status. These members also sit on the safety ownership committee, which hold meetings to discuss the development of culture and policy to better protect our workers. This committee helps foster a sense of personal responsibility to elevate the company standard in safety."

1 Million - 5 Million Annual Hours Worked
Nevell Group, Inc.
Brea, CA

"We rotate employees in on our division safety committee. We conduct safety lunch and learn sessions regularly to encourage employee feedback. We promote multiple ways for employees to provide feedback: replying back to the craft newsletter, filling out a Google doc we host, contacting their supervisor, or calling the office to speak to or leave a message for our safety/HR administrator."

More than 5 Million Annual Hours Worked
Performance Contracting, Inc.
Lenexa, KS

“Safety at PCI has always been our number one focus. During orientations we explain the importance of safety and PCI’s goal to send each employee home in the same condition they arrived to work. We provide our people with the full gamut of PPE and we have policies in place to assist with the management of our company goal for target zero. One of these policies is our pre-task cards that help employees identify upcoming hazards and subsequently plan their work. We meet with our field members in a 2- to 3-hour worker lunch in an open dialogue where we can identify job hazards and get them corrected, find out if there are additional needs of the field team to help them be safer, and overall what we can do better as a company. I really feel that the field team appreciates the opportunity to speak their mind to management and provide insight for the operations of the company. We have a strong family here and we want every individual to go home safe to their families each day.”


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