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AWCI is a trade association providing members with industry information, contacts and leadership for the wall and ceiling industries.

Profile of AWCI's Member Companies

We are wall and ceiling contractors, manufacturers and suppliers and distributors.
We are union and non-union.
We are companies of all sizes.
We are the backbone of the wall and ceiling industry.

Education Programs

Advance your career in construction with AWCI's courses and certificate programs. AWCI has developed programs to cover every facet for the wall and ceiling contractor. Learn More

Advance your career in construction with AWCI's courses and certificate programs. AWCI has developed programs to cover every facet for the wall and ceiling contractor.

Doing It Right

AWCI's brand of Doing It Right programs are designed specifically for owners, project managers, estimators, superintendents, foremen, consultants and inspectors. All AWCI Doing It Right program content is based on industry accepted standards and best practices.

EIFS—Doing It Right®

Exterior Envelope—Doing It Right®

Gypsum—Doing It Right®

Steel—Doing It Right®

Stucco—Doing It Right®

EIFS—Doing It Right® is a certificate program targeting EIFS mechanics, inspectors and industry professionals, and credentialing contractors as EIFSmart Contractors.

AWCI Project Manager Development Series

AWCI's self-study project manager course is compose of more than 60 lessons tracking a job's life cycle

  • Getting the Job
  • Starting the Job
  • Running the Job
  • Closing the Job

Special topics such as BIM, Penalization, Getting Paid, Retainage, etc.

Technical Publications and Periodicals

AWCI offers many publication and materials oriented toward improving the knowledge of your staff and educating your clients. Learn More

Knowledge is power. AWCI is the prime source of information published for the wall and ceiling industries. AWCI members receive six technical and news periodicals throughout the year. Experienced staff will assist you with the latest technical documentation and keep you informed of changes in codes, specifications and standards.

AWCI's Construction Dimensions — a monthly magazine delivering the latest in technical, promotional, business and management ideas and issues.

AWCI's Tech Update — a bimonthly newsletter providing up-to-date technical information on products, codes, standards and specifications.

Annual Buyers' Guide — the most thorough and complete listing of products, systems and services available to the wall and ceiling industry.

Member Products Catalog — a compendium of literature from by participating manufacturing companies.

Programs and Advocacy

AWCI recognizes that advocacy is most effective when backed by legislative action. AWCI works with standards and specifications setting organizations as well as other trade associations to affect favorable legislation. Learn More

Helping member companies grow and become profitable businesses is accomplished with membership in AWCI.

  • AWCI provides a confidential, trustful environment for comparison, idea exchange, advice and problem solving with similar companies.
  • AWCI influences changes issued by federal regulatory bodies:
  • AWCI influences issues debated by code-setting organizations: ICC and NFPA.
  • AWCI works with standards and specifications setting organizations: ASTM, ACI, EIMA, Gypsum Association, AWSI, ML/SFA, UL, CSI and AIA.

AWCI works with other trade associations to affect favorable legislation.

Annual Events

AWCI offers professional development programs that provide the best in industry education, as well as opportunities for networking with your peers to get answers to your most pressing business questions. Learn More

AWCI's Convention and INTEX Expo offers formal educational seminars, networking, industry committee meetings and the largest trade show serving the wall and ceiling industry. The expo hosts more than 170 exhibitors and provides information on the newest construction tools and productivity improvements. The industry committees provide an additional opportunity for learning while sharing up-to-date information affecting your business.

AWCI's Industry Executives' Conference and Committee Meetings keep company owners and executives focused on trends impacting their business through informative speakers, networking and committee meetings.

Savings Programs

AWCI members have exclusive access to discounts and savings opportunities offered by AWCI partners. Explore these valuable discount programs and pay for your membership with the savings! Learn More 

All programs, rates and prices are subject to change without notice.



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