EIFSmart Contractor Seal

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Eligibility Requirements

Each company location or subsidiary that installs EIFS and is applying for the EIFSmart Contractor seal must have:

  • At least one AWCI-certified employee (CEM or CEP) at the management level;
  • An AWCI-certified foreman (CEM or CEP) for each project;
  • At least forty percent (40%) or more of EIFS field employees (mechanics and crew supervisors) AWCI certified (CEM or CEP) and maintain that percentage for each project. The 40 percent requirement includes all mechanics and supervisory personnel used on the project, whether they are full-time employees, subcontracted employees, subcontractors or independent contractors.

If non-company personnel are used, the company can verify an individual's certification status by going to the National Certification Roster or by calling 703-538-1612.

If a company has more than one location performing EIFS installations, each location must have a separate list of certified EIFS employees. Locations designated by AWCI as EIFSmart Contractors may not share AWCI-certified employees.