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Steps to Becoming an EIFSmart Contractor

Step 1: Pre-Qualifications

Verify that your employees meet the pre-qualifications for their category of certification, EIFS Mechanic or EIFS Industry Professional.

Educate at least 40 percent of your EIFS workforce in the correct, generic procedures of EIFS installation using AWCI's EIFS—Doing It Right® program. The 40 percent requirement includes all mechanics and supervisory personnel used on the project, whether they are full-time employees, subcontracted employees, subcontractors or independent contractors.

At least one AWCI certified employee must be at the management level, and there must be an AWCI certified foreman for each project.

Step 2: Education and Testing

EIFS Mechanics and EIFS Industry Professionals must take the EIFS—Doing It Right® online course. Once all required course modules and assessments have been completed, the participant will be awarded an EIFS certificate valid for five years.

Step 3: Application

Complete the EIFSmart Contractor application and submit to AWCI at eifs@awci.org; or mail to AWCI, 513 West Broad Street, Suite 210, Falls Church, VA 22046; or fax to: 703-538-1732.

Questions? Call 703-538-1612.