National Certificate for EIFS Industry Professionals

AWCI EIFS Doing It Right Certified EIFS Professional

This category is for EIFS industry professionals who want to learn more about proper EIFS application and inspection techniques to better perform their job. The overview of the process is helpful for those who have not experienced the varied aspects of EIFS construction.

Target Participants

Those in the EIFS delivery system who want to learn other aspects of EIFS to supplement their areas of expertise and to reinforce and expand their knowledge base, including EIFS distributor and manufacturer personnel, contractor supervisory personnel, estimators, design professionals, engineers and industry educators.

Three Pre-Qualifications for Acceptance

Those who meet the following criteria may apply for the EIFS Industry Professionals' category:

  1. Ability to read blueprints.
  2. High school diploma, GED or higher.
  3. Meet one of the following:
    1. Be an employee of an EIFS distributor, EIFS manufacturer representative or EIFS contractor, OR
    2. Have five or more years of related general construction experience, OR
    3. Have two or more years of experience as an apprenticeship instructor in an EIFS-related trade, OR
    4. Have architecture, engineering or EIT credentials.
  • Receive a five-year certificate upon completing the course and passing the assessments.
  • Learn the common elements of materials and techniques.
  • Understand EIFS properties and application techniques important for consideration during the design process.
  • Learn application techniques that work and those that don't and their consequences.
  • Improve EIFS insurance negotiations.
  • Enhance your competitive advantage.
  • Assist your company with meeting requirements for the EIFSmart Contractor Seal.
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