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EIFS Doing It Right Certification Program

How to Register

General Information

Before completing the online application form linked below, read the descriptions for the three certification categories. Select the category that matches your qualifications and needs and then complete the relevant sections of the form. AWCI reserves the right to deny applications for and participation in the program. Discovery of false information may cause disqualification or later revocation of certificate.

Once your registration is processed and accepted, you will receive a detailed email with instructions for accessing and navigating the course. You will usually hear from us within a few days, but it can take up to a week.

Course Expiration

Please note that you will have one year from the date you receive your course login email from AWCI to complete the course. Course fees are non-refundable. If you have not started the course during this one-year period, your course fee can be transferred to a qualified employee of your company. If you have started the course but not completed it during the one-year period, then the course fee cannot be transferred or refunded.

Register Online

EIFS Mechanics / EIFS Industry Professionals / EIFS Inspectors
Mecánico del EIFS / Profesional de la Industria de EIFS

Application Fees

If your employer is an AWCI member, you qualify for the AWCI Member Rate, which is 50 percent less than the Non-member Rate. To verify an employer's membership status, contact Carrie Geremia at (703) 538-1602 or geremia@awci.org

If you are recertifying (your current EIFS certificate expires at the end of this year), you would pay the applicable recertifying rate as noted below.

    AWCI Member Rate   Non-member Rate
EIFS Mechanics   $195   $390
EIFS Mechanics Recertifying   $145   $290
EIFS Industry Professionals   $250   $500
EIFS Industry Professionals Recertifying   $200   $400
EIFS Inspectors   $250   $500
EIFS Inspectors Recertifying   $200   $400
AWCI Contact Information

Further inquiries may be made to the registrar at:
Phone: (703) 538-1612
Fax: (703) 538-1732
E-mail: eifs@awci.org