In-House Seminars

In-House Seminar

Holding an in-house seminar at your location is a convenient and cost-effective way to provide education for yourself and your staff.

To make AWCI seminars accessible to the largest number of interested individuals, AWCI has added an in-house option.

The in-house option is exactly the same as the instructor-led seminars we conduct around the country each year. The seminar content, the instructors and the staffing are the same as those for the national seminars. The primary difference is that the sponsor has the program when and where he wants it—and often at a cost savings.

There are several choices available for in-house seminars. If you have 15 or more attendees, these seminars are almost always less expensive than sending employees to a national seminar. When you factor in travel costs and additional time off the job, the in-house seminar can be both cost and time effective.

Need assistance?

For more information about holding an In-house Seminar at your location, please contact Annemarie Selvitelli at (703) 538-1608 or by e-mail.