Steel—Doing It Right®: Instructor-Led Seminar

Attendee Comments

"It was awesome spending two days in intense discussion with instructors (engineers) at the forefront of the cold-formed steel framing industry. I would recommend this seminar to everyone... even the guys that have been framing for decades."
Deborah Hard, owner Hard Drywall, Denton, TX

"After 30 years of specifying and drawing details for cold-formed steel projects, it was gratifying to attend the Steel—Doing It Right® seminar. The instructors were knowledgeable and presented a comprehensive program that will assist me in updating our office knowledge base. I definitely plan to send key staff to the next seminar."
Richard Nardini, AIA, BHNT Architects, Buffalo, NY

"The Steel—Doing It Right® seminar expanded my knowledge of cold-formed steel installation. The instructors are well versed in all facets of cold-formed steel, and the course workbook will continue to be a reference resource."
Raymond Bell, Project Manager/Estimator, Raymond-Northern California, Concord, CA

"Education is a priority in our company. AWCI and the Steel Framing Alliance have created an excellent program."
Eric Peterson, President, Dayton Walls & Ceilings, Inc., Dayton, OH

"I enjoyed the class very much and feel I have bettered myself as a super."
Peoria, IL

"The estimating part is exactly what I was looking for!"
Miami, FL

"This is the information all commercial carpenters and contractors need."
Wentzville, MO

"Good information on engineering for cold-formed framing. Some very useful information on general construction."
Los Angeles, CA

"I have gained a better understanding of why certain structural assemblies are specified and necessary."
Evansville, IN

"Very good information in laymen's terms. Kept me involved mentally!"
St. Louis, MO

"I learned a lot of things that I didn't know, so I am very thankful for this seminar."
Alexandria, VA

"Brings to light many things that do and don't go on in the field."
Peoria, IL