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Miterless Moulding Systems

From Fypon®
Building industry professionals who want to speed up the installation of interior crown mouldings can leave their mitering boxes and coping saws at home. Miterless Moulding Systems from Fypon® eliminate the need to make time-consuming mitering calculations and cuts.

Fast end-to-end installation of urethane mouldings require no seam match-ups and no special cuts. Decorative divider blocks enhance the overall room design while eliminating the need to seam mouldings lengths together. And, for corner areas, pre-mitered inside and outside corner pieces add style to the room while requiring only a straight-cut, butt-edge fit.

The Miterless Moulding Systems can be installed with premium adhesive and nails. Pieces can be painted after installation and resist humidity, warping and splintering.