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FlameSafe® FlowTrak® System

From Grace Construction Products
Grace Construction Products introduces the FlameSafe® FlowTrak® System, an innovation in firestopping technology that addresses and overcomes the limitations of conventional head-of-wall firestopping systems. Designed for applications into head-of-wall joints between the top of fire-resistive gypsum wall and floor/roof assemblies, the system provides a faster, cleaner and more accurate alternative to the conventional “stuff and spray” technique. The system also offers advantages including reliable installation that applies 5 times faster than “stuff and spray” methods, less dependence on the installer for a quality, and it is easier to inspect than traditional firestopping methods.

Because the system is self-contained, it is environmentally and user friendly.

Installation of the FlowTrak System occurs early in the wall construction process, thereby diminishing obstructions from walls, ductwork and/or other trades.

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