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Pliable MDF Board

From Outwater Plastics Industries
Outwater Plastics Industries offers a new angle on shape with its “new and improved” (larger sheet sizes and lower pricing) Pliable MDF Board, an economical, easy-to-use MDF board that allows builders to produce all types of circular and undulating curves needed to create unconventional and unusually shaped walls, columns or furniture.

Smooth on one surface, the board takes shape by merely placing the glued grooved surfaces of two boards together, contouring as desired and securing with clamps. Suitable for veneering, painting or surfacing, the board can be utilized using the same tools as wood.

Available as 40 7/8"(W) x 110 1/4"(L), 8mm or 9.5mm thick single panels, the board can be joined with dowels, cross tongues or butt jointed to increase length or width.