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Cordless Drill/Driver

From Metabo Corporation
Metabo Corporation introduces a drill/driver that offers more power and a faster charge than earlier models. The BSZ 14.4 Cordless Drill/Driver is ideal for drilling, tapping and driving screws in a variety of applications.

The drill/driver is equipped with 20 torque settings, plus a drill setting with forward and reverse modes. It has a 2-speed gearbox, a keyless 1/2" chuck and an ergonomic, rubber-coated T-handle. The 14.4 volt motor offers increased power: up to 487 in.-lbs. of torque. Its onboard Variospeed electronics allow infinite no-load speeds up to 1,400 rpm.

The quick-charge battery is part of a new air-cooled charging system that cools both the battery and the charger during the charging process and offers 30-minute charging with up to 2,000 charges per battery.