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Tool Basket

From Alum-A-Pole Corporation
From Alum-A-Pole Corporation comes the Alum-A-Basket, the answer to containing all kinds of small items from falling to the ground when up on scaffolding associated with staging.

This logical product can hold battery drills, nails, towels, lunches, caulking—you name it! Ordinarily, these items are either left in somewhat precarious high and dangerous places, or they’re stored in work belts. That’s a heavy, fatiguing burden that can be simply eliminated with the Alum-A-Basket. Another major benefit is all of these cumbersome items can simply be slid along the staging. Special extrusions hook onto the staging, eliminating the possibility that the Alum-A-Basket would fall.

The Alum-A-Basket also has an outside-the-basket caulking gun ring that helps to keep the basket clean.