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Parex USA, Inc.

From EIFS Base Coat and Adhesive
Parex USA, Inc. has launched Parex 121 Optimum Lite EIFS Base Coat & Adhesive.

121 Optimum Lite represents the next major advancement in EIFS base coats and adhesives from Parex USA. Built upon the foundation of Parex’s Optimum series products, 121 Optimum Lite is packaged in 33 lb bags and delivers the same coverage as 121 Optimum Finish in 50 lb bags.

“This is a major evolution for our Optimum series of products and Optimum EIFS,” said Quenton Roehricht, brand manager. “121 Optimum Lite possesses qualities that make it applicator friendly, green, and reduces cost to the job site.”

The reduction in weight without the sacrifice in coverage yields numerous benefits including reduction in shipping costs, decreased weight and reduced labor fatigue. Additionally, the product yields exceptional handling and installation properties.

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