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Foam Grade Basotect G+ with Improved Emission Profile

BASF is increasing its range of the melamine resin foam Basotect® through an offering with improved ecological properties The new grade is called Basotect G+. With its extremely low emissions, no harmful substances are absorbed through the skin on direct contact. The foam, which is used for sound absorption in buildings, is considered as harmless to health in use, during processing and installation.

In addition to the proven properties of Basotect G, such as high sound absorption, low thermal conductivity, flame resistance and easy, fiber-free processing, the new material also has advantages for interior decorators and designers. Basotect G+ is considerably lighter in color than Basotect G and reflects 30% more light. This makes it easier, for example, to plan interior decoration and lighting because the foam reflects light very well.

An independent test institute examined Basotect G+ for potentially harmful substances. The emission of volatile organic substances was also checked. The results for the new Basotect grade were well within requirements.

In the United States, Basotect G+ meets the tight emission requirements of the California Specification 01350 for materials in classrooms and offices when 50% of the ceiling is covered with panels made of Basotect G+.

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