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Sound Isolation Clip Hanger Wire Isolator

From PAC International, Inc.
PAC International, Inc. introduces the newest of the RSIC noise control products.

Resilient Sound Isolation Clip Hanger Wire Isolator RSIC-WHI clip interrupt the structure born path of noise and vibration transfer from the structure to the suspended ceiling support members. The unique combination of isolation and dampening engineered into the RSIC isolation products provide a superior noise control solution for suspended ceiling applications.

The RSIC-WHI clips are ideal for noise critical spaces. Gypsum board ceilings or lay-in tile ceilings can be hung from the RSIC-WHI clips along with HVAC or other mechanical items.

The RSIC-WHI hanger is available in 70 lb, 100 lb, 145 lb and 220 lb ratings.

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