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BIM Firestop Model

From Hilti
The first in a series, Hilti introduces information rich Building Information Modeling objects of its firestop solutions to support construction professionals’ processes from design to completion. The new objects are easy to use and can help reduce expensive redesigns and rework on the job site.

Hilti BIM models allow designers to choose firestopping solutions from cast-in place devices for plumbing to data cabling solutions for telecom contractors. The new objects are available via Hilti’s website at www.us.hilti.com/BIMor on Autodesk Seek www.seek.autodesk.com. And, due to streamlined object design, require minimal storage space to keep computers running fast. To simplify the process designers can choose between Revit and Autocad files.

“Our BIM models make the bidding process easy and fast with intelligent quantity take off functionality. Geometric elements support a proactive approach to clash detection before the costly construction process starts”, said Chris Andersen, Hilti marketing director. “Most importantly, the objects are supported by more than 1,000 knowledgeable field resources in North America who help solve application challenges from design to construction.”

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