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From Bon Tool Company
Bon Tool’s expanded product line includes more than 30 new products for the building trades. The products introduced for spring 2011 are featured in Bon’s supplemental catalog Vol. 311.

One featured new item is Bon’s Self Leveling Floor Kit, which contains the 7 basic tools recommended for self-leveling epoxy installation, a popular choice for garage floors, basements and industrial and commercial applications. A few of the items included in the kit are also new to Bon, such as the Mixing Barrel, 5 Liter Measuring Pitcher and 3-Piece Aluminum Handle. The epoxy tools can be purchased separately and complement Bon’s complete line of epoxy products, which includes primer and build coat materials along with other tools and materials.

Other new products of interest are the Gloss Restorer Sealer, a Multi-Blade Paver Bar, and three new Wheelchair Ramp Walking Tools.

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