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Lightest-Weight Ready Mixed Joint Compound

From USG
USG Corporation introduces SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLightweight All Purpose Joint Compound. This product weighs up to 40% less than traditional all purpose joint compounds, making it the lightest-weight ready mixed joint compound on the market. The new product also performs better than traditional all purpose compounds in such key areas as ease of application and finish appearance, while creating a durable surface and a strong bond when used with SHEETROCK® Brand Paper Joint Tape.

A 4.5-gallon pail of the new product weighs about 35 lbs, compared with 62 lbs for a pail of conventional all purpose ready mixed compound.

In addition to weighing less, SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLightweight All Purpose Joint Compound offers superior performance and ease of use. It slips off the trowel and glides on the wall surface easier than traditional compounds. It also produces less cratering in the finish and is easier to sand. In addition to these advantages, SHEETROCK Brand UltraLightweight All Purpose Joint Compound produces a finish that is as durable as traditional all purpose compound. It is ideal for embedding paper tape and offers an excellent bond over bead, trim and fasteners.

The product will be distributed nationwide by the second quarter of this year.

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