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Painter’s Helper

From Hyde Tools
If there’s a better way, it’s probably the HYDE® way. Take painting, for example, where painting more easily is often a matter of having the right tool handy. In this case, it’s the new HYDE® Pour & Roll, a two-piece set that allows you to pour paint safely with no spills or simply paint right from the can with a roller.

The set includes a paint-pouring spout that snaps into the inner edge of your paint can eliminating the mess caused by pouring paint. It also functions as a brush rest while you paint. The lip is equally safe to use with paint, stain and solvents.

Packaged with the pour spout is a roller grid for use with a 4" roller. The grid attaches to the pour spout in either of two positions—one for use with full paint cans and a second for use with partially empty cans. The grid removes excess paint from the roller and prepares it for smooth, clean rolling. It also acts as a brush wipe when dipping paint directly from the can. There are two versions of this product—one for metal cans and one for plastic cans.

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