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Air Barrier and Adhesive in One

From Sto
Sto ExtraSeal is a single component air barrier and continuous insulation adhesive for use on vertical above grade concrete, concrete masonry units and glass mat gypsum sheathing wall surfaces. Its unique qualities let it function as an air barrier and water resistive barrier for direct applied stucco on CMU. It can also be used as continuous insulation adhesive for EPS, XPS or PI rigid insulation boards on CMU and GMG.

Sto ExtraSeal provides durable substrate protection and air leakage resistance, and it acts as an adhesive compatible with most commonly available continuous rigid insulation boards.

Features include a fully adhered structural air barrier material, resistance to damage by wind and stack effect, and no air leakage between substrate and air barrier. It is a single component multipurpose product that simplifies mixing, application and handling. Another feature is the high build and leveling capability that does not require flush CMU mortar joints; it fills and levels rough concrete or CMU wall surfaces.

The product enables compliance with ci requirements of the IBC, IRC, ASHRAE 90.1 and other codes and standards. It is vapor permeable and resists water penetration. Since it is a polymer-modified cement-based product, it has excellent adhesion, increased durability and freeze-thaw resistance, and is compatible with high pH substrates. Compared to other liquid applied products, Sto ExtraSeal is fast drying in both cold and wet weather conditions. Same-day application for the air barrier and scratch coat, or air barrier and adhesive, can occur in most cases.

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