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From ITW Buildex®
ITW Buildex® introduces the Teks Stand‐Off fastener as an addition to its industry‐leading Teks® product line.

The Teks Stand‐Off features a Stop and Lock Design that delivers two key benefits to metal building erectors and owners. First, this feature stops the fastener at a designated point in the fastener threads. This stop prevents the fastener from overdriving and putting a dimple (also known as oil canning) in the sidewall panel. Installers no longer need to invest time backing some fasteners out and driving other fasteners farther in to align wall panels and eliminate wavy or uneven panel installation. Secondly, this feature locks in a pre‐engineered stand‐off distance between the wall panel and the building structure to which it is attached. This pre‐determined distance keeps the wall insulation from being over compressed by the wall fastener.

In addition to the new Stop and Lock feature, the Teks Stand‐Off also includes features such as the patented Anti‐Backout (ABOT™) Thread Design, SCOTS® 300 Series Stainless Steel head and P3 Powder coated paint, found on other fasteners in the product line. The patented Anti‐Backout Thread Design provides a stronger fastening point that reduces the occurrence of wall push‐off and delivers a more durable wall. The SCOTS 300 Stainless Steel Encapsulated head will not rust and is available with P3 powder coated paint system, which delivers superior chalk and fade performance.