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Glass Scrapers

From Hyde Tools
Hyde Tools introduces 3 new HYDE® glass scrapers with a new look and new functionality.

The high end of these offerings is a retractable, soft-grip glass scraper with built-in storage that is ideal for removing coatings, paint and stickers from glass, mirrors or windshields. The rubberized body provides a safe, sure grip as well as comfort. Tucked into the tool is convenient storage for up to 5 razor blades. For more information, see item #13040 at hydetools.com.

Two additional scrapers being introduced also feature blade storage. These include a mini-scraper (#13030) with easy blade change and storage for five blades and a 4” glass and wall scraper (#33250) with quick blade change feature and in-handle blade storage for 5 blades. This item includes a reversible blade: one side scrapes, the other shaves.

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